Equity Express Securities Exchange (EESE) is the most recent exchange to be awarded its licence.

It was specifically created to look after the needs of broad based black economic empowerment schemes. It is unique in the exchange environment in that it specifically caters for companies with restrictions although these restrictions do not necessarily only relate to shareholder matters. The defining characteristics of EESE are:-
  • Issuer imposed restrictions
  • Share register forms the basis of the trading platform
  • Issuers determine which brokers may trade shares
  • Centralised shareholder accounting
  • Centralised FICA
We seek to bridge the gap between the over the counter market and the listed environment in catering to the needs of both sophisticated and unsophisticated investors.
Benefits of EESE
The benefits to ISSUERS:
  • Gives companies that want to impose restrictions on the nature of the investors and/or size of holding an efficient platform to guarantee pre-trade eligibility of investors.
  • Provides companies with a means to provide liquidity to its investors.
  • Reduced listing and compliance costs.
The benefits to INVESTORS:
  • Provides persons that are currently excluded from the investing public an accessible facility to invest in securities.
  • Creates a transparent and efficient market.
  • Offers a secure, reliable, tried-and-tested trading platform.
  • Significantly reduce settlement risk through pre-funding.
  • Direct market access by investors through online trading.